CertainTeed has by far the strongest warranty than any shingle manufacture in the market because it covers Manufacturing defects that DON'T cause a leak all other companies warranty is valid only if it leaks. So in Layman's terms "your roof could look terrible, shingles curling or delaminating for example but if it doesn't leak you won't get a PENNY "With certainTeed you are covered for both leaks and manufacturing defects. The differences between companies and their higher end shingle lines really has to do with the weights of the shingle, how strong their warranty is and when the non prorated coverage starts and ends if applicable. Lifetime warranty is a very tricky topic in the roofing business and we will be happy to explain it better over the phone or in person.

Our shinglemaster "Sure start" Plus 4 Star warranty offers 50 year NON Prorated coverage covering LABOR, MATERIAL, TEAR OFF LABOR, and also DISPOSAL FEES. if your home qualifies for this you will never put another dime into this roof. Plus it's transferable one time. We are only a few Select contractors in North America to offer this warranty due to our certifications.