ShingleMe offers a 50 year workmanship warranty

This warranty represents your coverage against workmanship defects or installation errors.

- All materials and labor installed by ShingleMe professionals
- Chimney flashing, flashing kits, pipe flashing
- Ridge
- New skylights
- Valleys
- Low slope areas
- Ice damage from improper install
- New gutters
- Blow offs from improper fastening

Doesn't Cover:
- Shingle layovers over existing shingles
- Faulty masonry or chimney work
- Faulty siding or carpentry work
- Gutters not draining properly
- Act of God: impact. Hail, tornado, etc.
- Fire or explosives
- Structural issues
- Existing glass when reusing skylight
- Modifications made by another party
- Improper ventilation due to architectural design
- Insect, rodents, termite damage
- Interior work

When does my warranty start?
The warranty period begins the day after the installation is complete and becomes valid when the job is paid in full.