A windy storm just blew through your neighborhood and you need to check your home for damage. Three things to look for if you're needing a repair:

  1. Bare patches on your roof
  2. Shingles littering your yard
  3. Loose/crooked shingles on your roof

What to do if you have a leak?

Call our office at 570-689-6034 or email: shinglemenow@gmail.com. Leave your name, phone, address, and description of the problem. The office will be in touch within one hour during normal business hours or we will return the call by the next business day to set up a time and date for our technician to assess the problem. We will send out a technician within 24 to 48 hours to inspect the problem and determine the proper course of action.

*Note: try to catch or absorb water wherever it is leaking to minimize damage and do not go on the roof!